With over 19 years experience I have worked in almost every function of a production my understanding of how a successful production is started and completed is very strong. I have been a producer, director, cinematographer, 1st assistant director, and location scout. I have worked on everything from music videos, internal corporate training videos to full-length feature films. I understand the importance of finishing a project on or below budget and on time.

Have Passport & Will Travel

Boise Home Remodel Specialist Promo

Boise Home Remodel Time Lapse Promo

Domestic Violence Prevention Public Service Announcement

Troy Olds Workshop Promo – Authority Branding

Health Care Technology – Corporate Branding

Harvest Festival & Saturday Market Eagle Idaho

Idaho Indie Filmmakers vLog

Towers – Music Video/Drone Reel

Randall Grizzle’s Closer Secrets Intro Video

An Evening with the Spider Zombies Part 1

Promotional Online Video For Aaron’s Honest Engine

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society

The Problem With Common Core

Kids Spooky Movie (Feature Filmed In Idaho)

Boise Idaho FBproductions Demo Slow Version

Area02 Kinda Promo

Boise Idaho FBproductions Demo Fast Version

Face Of Revolution Music Video By Black Tooth Grin

Lights Emission Movie

Snow Walk – Music Video

Rome On IMDB

My Skills Include:

Internet Marketing Consultant
Assistant Director
Director Of Photography
Camera Operator

Production Projects and Clients include:

An Evening with the Spider Zombies Part 1 (YouTube Short)
The Problem With Common Core (Activism)
Kids Spooky Movie (Feature)
Black Tooth Grin Music Video for 100.3 TheX (Promotional)
Special Olympics – (Promotional).
Dermatique – ( Promotional Web Video).
Hyde Park, Boise Idaho – turnhere.com (Promotional).
Idaho Athletic Club (Commercial).
Red Cross of greater Idaho (Educational, Promotion)
Vista Village, Boise Idaho (Commercial)
Tim’s Cascade Snacks (Promotional).
Deeks Decoys (Promotional).
Voodoo Promotions (Promotional).
Hickory Farms (Commercial).
High Five Challenge TV Game Show (For air).
Tommy Bahama (Instructional).
Freightliner (Industrial).
Izzy’s Pizza (Commercial).
Elmer’s Restaurant (Commercial).
Granddaddy Tale’s (Feature).
Vancouver Chevrolet (Commercial).
Fred Meyers (Instructional)